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How can you bring the "wow factor" to the art in your hotel rooms without going over budget?

With years of print production experience, Vu has been able to incorporate a variety materials, techniques and methods on cutting its production costs, while keeping extremely high quality standards in the finishing of its products.  This is why clients like the Marriott and the Loews Hotel have come to us for a turnkey art solution that is both untraditional and affordable.

Today, travelers and hotel guests have become much more appreciative to innovative interiors.  This fact has resulted to an increase of Hoteliers staying on track with design trends, striving to please their savvy hotel guests by continuously renovating their facilities.

By understanding these needs, Vu has used its creative spirit and innovative edge to produce unique lines of wall décor that are not only avant-guard, but within Hospitality budgets.   


Production Powerhouse

Vu uses its economies of scale and print production experience to make it possible to offer its unique wall décor at fractions of the costs of fine art galleries.  Specializing in the production of Acrylic Art, Backlit Art, Canvas Prints, and Framed Prints, Vu has helped deliver the "wow factor" on budget... on time, everytime. 


Unique Art and Image Collections

With its collaboration between artists and photographers around the world, Vu brings a resource of images that is unparallel.  Whether your motif is traditional/decorative, or you seek to break barriers in everything that is traditional, Vu has the collection of imagery to fit you décor needs.

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Custom Imagery

If your desired motif is specific, we will put together an art proposal to fit your interior design vision.


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