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In the world of Interior Design and Hospitality, experienced Designers who seek cutting edge, quality wall décor solutions turn to Vu Unlimited.  Our Acrylic, face-mounted prints, have set the standards in the Design Industry.  With projects ranging from hi end residences to Hotels such as The Loews and Marriott, Vu has been a key partner in providing custom Acrylic Art Print...on budget, and on time. 




- Maximum Acrylic Panel Size: 5'x10' (Anything larger can be created with multiple panels)

- Acrylic Thicknesses Options: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8"*, 1/2", 3/4", 1", and 2"

* 3/8" is our standard acrylic thickness

The Process:

- Our images are printed on continuous tone, true photographic printers using extremely high-quality, archival Kodak® Paper.  The prints are then mounted to the acrylic through a meticulous Face-mounting process, which we have mastered through years of experience.


Option1 - Aluminum Mounting Hardware

Allows the art to float off the wall.

Option2 - Rear Wood Hanging Frame

This option has the rear wood hanging frame concealed behind the acrylic panel, still giving the impression that the art is floating off the wall.

This option comes with a locking security hanging system, that is great for Hotels and Public Spaces. 


- Hotel Rooms, Lobbies & Corridors.  Residential Living Areas.  Offices Spaces, Etc.

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