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This Art Company is lighting up libidos with its sexy art.

Is it really possible to increase low libido with art?  Perhaps not.  Unless, of course, the art is completely untraditional, lights up, and is straight up spicy.

Let’s face it.  People, both men and women, buy expensive stuff, like hot cars and thousand dollar purses, not only because it makes them feel good, but because it will help them… you know what.  Well, Miami-based art company Vu Unlimited, LLC did not go into business to help improve relationships, but it just so happens that they make art that has had some of their customers actually testifying to getting things heated in the bedroom, or the living room for that matter.

Vu has been around since 2004, creating comments like “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but never knew where to find it!”.  Customizing art mostly for the interior design and hospitality trade (with clients including the Loews Hotel Spa in Miami Beach), Vu has recently made it’s creative arsenal, including it’s spicy “Backlit Art” available to the general public.  The art that is getting thing heated between the sexes and the design savvy, is now just a click away.  The price?  Let’s just say that it’s a more affordable alternative to a high-end art gallery on Lincoln Road or Rodeo Drive.  But who cares when it does the same job as that hot car or the thousand dollar purse.

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