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Innovation, Quality, and Customization.  The are the essential attributes that define Vu as a key partner to the
Design & Hospitality Industry. Vu assists its clients in developing creative art solutions, producing some of today’s
most innovative pieces of fine digital art.  From residences to hotel guestrooms, restaurants, & casino’s, Vu will cater
to your specifications & budget, to help set the trends & breakthroughs in modern lifestyle.


Trend-setting design solution.
This unique medium is versatile
and can be used in different
residential & commercial
 Illuminate your space with Vu’s
backlit art solutions.  With a
variety of applications, our
backlit art can be customized
to make your vision a reality.
 Complete your décor, with this
cost-effective design alternative.
Our stretched canvases are
shipped fully stretched, ready to
 Our collection of Grand Framed Art pieces combine bold, stylish moldings and imagery that will keep your art in line with your eclectic interior design style.
 Offering maximum versatility &
visual impact, our cable & rod
systems give excellent exposure
to custom art installations.
 With a printed acrylic art top, our
coffee tables can be customized
with any image, making it a
centerpiece of a hotel lobby or
loft-style living room. 
 Designed to be used as both a
desk or a conference table, the
Vu table can be customized with
a printed acrylic art top, or with a clear or frosted glass top.




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